We all can laugh, but we do it too rarely! Laughing is great and can do so much.

Laughter relaxes when we are stressed.

Laughter calms down when we are scared.

Laughter connects us with others.

Every time we laugh a lot of great things happen with us. One of them is that the stress is immediately reduced. Another is, when we laugh in company, and we do that about 30 times more often than we do on our own, then it creates a real connection between those who laugh together and even those who „only“ perceive, so hear or see… And if these people are open minded and undaunted, they let them infect and laugh with them! In most cases this happens on its own. Luckily! Because every time we hear or see a laughter, our subconscious mind will realize that because there is an extra „Laughter Detector“ in each one of us! When he registers a laughter, a laugh is instantly triggered, whether we like it or not… Then it’s up to us how much we get involved in it and laugh with them and allow the magic and thus experience what the laughing provokes in us.

My series „LAUGHING OUT LOUD“, shows people in just that moment when they were „out of control“ and indulged in the magic of laughter. …and if you look closely you can also get infected with these laughter! (even if it’s only a smile inside, but in any case a good feeling)

Laugh more often, get connected!